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100,00 CHFPrice

A fragrance opening with a touching fragility, subtly fruity, wrapped in a beautiful floral heart in which the elegant and pure lily is enhanced by a luminous rose; the dry-down reveals a voluptuous white musk, softened with the caressing delicious touches of amber and vanilla.


Top: Bergamot, Red fruits.

Heart: White flowers, Rose, Ylang-ylang.

Base: Amber, White musk, Vanilla.


30ml - Parfum - CHF 100

  • Product Information

    30 ml - Eau de Parfum

  • Return Conditions

    In case the return of purchased goods is desired, the customer has to contact the seller and supply all information necessary prior to the physical return of items. Please contact us over the telefone number or email address mentioned below.

    If the product is not suitable or if the customer has received some item which was not ordered by himself, the buyer have right to return the goods, within 14 (fourteen) days after receipt.

    Returned items will be accepted only, if was not used, in its original package, with the attached copy of the original bill.

    The goods must be send  to following address:

    "Perfume Art Creation GmbH", Sennhofstrasse 21, 8125-Zollikerberg, Switzerland.

    Tel.: +41 79 8732917


  • Delivery Terms

    The delivery fee regulation depends on the amount of the purchase:

    Total amount less than 190.00 CHF - 9.00 CHF

    Total amount of 190.00 CHF and more - no delivery charges

    The delivery period may vary depending on the order, within 5 working days.

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