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Le luxe n'est pas un plaisir, mais le plaisir est un luxe.

Francis Picabia


In 2020 Perfume Art Creation Gallery opened in a 300 years old Swiss Traditional House located in Sennhofstrasse 21, 8125 Zollikerberg in Zürich.


The passion for fragrances and art was a sincere motivation to introduce to the public the authentic fragrances and the art creations through the olfactive seances and workshops.

Individual perfume creation is an important part of this passion and every participant has the possibility to create her/his own perfume in the gallery on appointment.

Very far from the arrogant mass luxury industry the quality and originality of the fragrances are defined and explained through the emotion expressed during the olfactive seances.

The experience, originality, tradition, kindness and politeness are the key of success.

Sincerely yours,