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The journey of an artist, designer, graphic designer for over 20 years from Le Dauphiné with a higher education in visual and artistic communication.

Painting something lively and nervous, something joyful, alive.

To propose materials with visuals, supports and enhance the imagination of the viewer.

The interiors are open to each other, judiciously embellished.

Eyes can be enthused by perfumed painting.

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Today as in the past, abstraction in painting is modernized through the ability to accept and formulate its transcendence.

His mimesis incorporates license that finds a reason to exist through abstraction and that moulds the sensible perception of the world by feelings, emotions and states of being into perfumed art trials.

Originating of Châtillon (Valle d'Aosta), Maestro Ferrucio GARD began exhibiting his artworks in 1969, in Aosta and spreading over the world becoming an internationally referenced artist.

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