Deep Surfaces, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Andrea Sbra Perego


Deep Surfaces, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Andrea Sbra Perego, presenting his most recent artworks production.

Due to the copyright concept of, exhibition's partner, to express the painting olfactively and visually you will find some artworks of Andrea Sbra Perego, infused by the smell of Galimard Fragrances. This produces feelings in two different ways = activation of vision and olfactive memory.

The Sbra Perego's solo show is part of the series of exhibitions "C.A.S.E. Contemporary Art Season Exhibitions" hosted from December to July 2019 in the beautiful setting of the hotel Château Gütsch, in Luzern, Switzerland.

Champagne, aperitif, art/fragrance atmosphere!

The ticket price is 25Fr /person

ASM can get a 30% discount on the presented paintings and Galimard perfumes.

  • Description

    Wellcome to olfactive workshop with Galimard fragrances!

    Galimard House is the oldest French perfume House, established in 1747 by Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon. 

    Enjoy smelling extraordinary fragrances, tasting flower preserves, discovering the generational formulas of Galimard Perfumes and finding the perfume best suited to yourself during this interactive workshop presentation.

    And because the two often go hand in hand, you are invited to indulge in a glass of Champagne and savour some delicious chocolates. The presentation will be delivered by Mrs Goar Sanfilippo, the GALIMARD Perfumes exclusive distributor in Switzerland.

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